Useful Tips for a Successful Scotland Campervan Trip 

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Embarking on a campervan trip can be pretty handful without the proper planning and preparations. If you want to ensure a successful, enjoyable, and memorable campervan trip in the most picturesque locations in Scotland, here are some tips to help you make the most out of your long-awaited holiday. 

  • Plan your route 

The first thing to do is decide how many hours you will be driving/travelling per day. Many roads in the Scottish Highlands are single-track. So make sure to allow extra time when planning your route and calculating the travel time. 

  • Decide on your top 5 sites 

Your list must come with a top 5 key sites that you don’t want to miss out on. Plot them on your map so you could keep track of these areas while driving. 

  • Plan your campsite for each night 

Plan on staying on a campsite in between wild camping. This will help you empty your wastes and stock up on food and water. Depending on the size of your campervan and the built-in water tank, you might want to spend a night on a campsite every after 3 days in the wild. 

  • Determine your refuelling spots 

This is very important when travelling, especially if you are planning to stay in the highlands for more time. Know the major towns along your route where you can fill up in advance. While there are plenty of refuelling stations in the Highlands, they might not be open at times when you need to refuel. 

  • Save a budget for buying local delicacies 

While it is important to stock up on foods that could last for days, one of the most exciting parts of travelling that you should not miss is to try the local delicacies while on the route. Also, there is a limit to how much food you can store on a campervan, so make sure to leave some space to buy local foods and drinks. 

  • Book your campsite in advance during the holiday seasons 

If you are going on a campervan trip during the peak holiday seasons, you would want to book a campsite in advance or else you will be forced to spend a night in the wild if the site is already full. 

  • Check ferry timetables and book in advance 

Same with campsites, it is also ideal to check and book ferry rides in advance should you plan on visiting one or a few of Scotland’s many islands. If you don’t book in advance, you might find yourself waiting for hours before you can take your ride during peak seasons and hours. 

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  • Know the size of your vehicle 

Knowing the size of your motorhome or campervan is very important before setting off on your holiday trip. This information is important when booking a ferry as it will determine how much you will be paying for the ride. You also need to check the height of some car parks. 

  • Check how busy the road may get 

Checking the road situation of your route is necessary to plan your time wisely. Friday and Sunday afternoons are most likely the busiest times because most travellers will be on the road by these hours. So make sure to plan. 

  • Be flexible 

While it is important to plan everything before embarking on a campervan trip, it is also important to have some flexibility. Full campsites, busy ferries, and unpredictable weather might force you to change plans so make sure to have some flexibility to make the most of your trip regardless of your initial plan’s failure. 

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